Day 3 – Day at Sea on the way to Greek Isles

Day 3 was a pretty restful day overall as we were at sea for the whole day on the way to Santorini and the Greek Islands.  It started out with a bit of a rush as we were both awake early and decided to go and find ourselves a good spot and lounger, as we had heard that they went quickly on the at sea day.

We needn’t have worried.  The turned out to be a little windy to start and that seemed to keep most people inside early on.  We also put our clocks an hour forward the night before with the change in time-zones – so most people seemed to sleep in anyway.

So we had a leisurely breakfast and then found ourselves a reasonably sheltered couple of loungers at the main pool mid-ship.  This is the pool with a huge LCD movie screen that shows movies and on board TV channels during the day – which was a little noisy.  But we enjoyed spending a full morning on deck taking it easy sunbaking on the loungers by the pool.  Life is hard on board the Ruby Princess!  The weather cleared up later and the wind died down – so soon there was a shortage of loungers.

After lunch, I decided to have a little siesta while Pauline read on our balcony and after a while got bored and went up the pool on the rear deck.  Day 3 is the first formal dinner night. So we got dressed up (me with a hired tuxedo) and headed off to dinner.  We ended up sharing a table with a couple of Aussies from Warrnambool and a couple of American girls from Hawaii, great food and good company.

We finished the night off with the late show in the Princess Theatre – which was a production Broadway Ballroom show with 4 singers and about 10 top dancers going through about an hour show of Broadway song and dance numbers – very good quality singers and dancers.  Amazing what you can do on a boat these days – they certainly keep everyone entertained!



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