Embarkation – Day One in Civitavecchia

Well, Internet access is turning out to be a little slow and on the expensive side (satellite from the ship), so I will limit the photos with the posts until we hit some free WiFi spots.  But I have kept up to date with my diary so I will continue to post every couple of days from now on.  Back to Day 1.

After a long 12 and a half hour flight from Hong Kong we arrived in Rome at Fiumicino airport.  Immigration and customs in Rome was a breeze we went straight through and they didn’t even seem vaguely interested.  So we were quickly out and being met by our driver for the transfer to the port.  He was picking up a group at a local Fiumicino Hotel at 8:45 so we had about half an hour to kill, so he bought us a coffee while we waited.

After picking up the group, 6 people, 4 generations of an American family who were also joining the cruise, we heard from the mother that this was her 40th cruise with Princess lines – a bit of a cruise junkie!  She had done up to 5 cruises a year in the past.  Not bad going!

It took about 45 minutes from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia port to pick up the Ruby Princess.  We arrived early at about 10:00 and they weren’t boarding as yet, so we checked our bags in and took the port shuttle bus to the town of Civitavecchia to get a phone Sim Card and a few bits and pieces before we boarded.

We were back at around 11:30 and boarded almost straight away.  Considering they were boarding around 3,000 people for the cruise they were extremely well organised and processed our booking very quickly (we had checked in online) issuing both of us our “Cruise Card” which seems to do everything, buy everything on board as well as open our cabin door.

The cabin is great if a little smaller than we thought from the very generous online images – but still very nice, at the stern of the ship with a balcony on deck level 11 Baja B757.  We also met our cabin steward, Adrian from Romania – there to cater for our every need.

After boarding and unpacking, we headed off to grab a bite to eat from buffet, then had a wander around the ship.  We eventually ended up on the rear deck where there is a pool and bar having a drink while we watched the Ruby Princess leave the Civitavecchia port along with one of the other cruise liners (1 of about 4) that were also in port at the time.

Then it was off to dinner and bed as we sailed for Naples.


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