Day 6 – Mykonos

Well another beautiful day on the cruise.  Just writing this as I sit on our balcony looking at the island of Mykonos as we sail out on our way to Athens.  About 6:30PM in the evening, beautiful clear weather and the fabulous island of Mykonos in the background – white painted buildings and beautiful clear blue water.  What a great spot!

We arrived in Mykonos last night at about 1:00AM, not that we really knew anything about that, but when we woke up this morning we were already docked at the new port just out of the town of Mykonos.  We had an organised tour booked which started at around 8:30 after breakfast and consisted of a bus trip around Mykonos island stopping at a couple of the beautiful beaches including the beach where Shirley Valentine was filmed and the beach in front of the Aphrodite Beach Hotel, which was really spectacular.

We stopped for about half an hour at the Aphrodite Beach Hotel and had the time to take some pictures and have a coffee.  The water was crystal clear and green and blue – truly a lovely spot.  Just so inviting for a dip!  That beach was definitely one to come back to again and spend some serious relaxation time.  After that we spent some time at an old monastery then it was back to the town of Mykonos for a walking tour that took in the famous Little Venice district and the Windmills just outside of the town on the hill (now converted to apartments).

After that we had a leisurely lunch on the next to the beach and spent some time on our own wandering around the little narrow streets of Mykonos and shopping.  Quite a wonderful spot!

Still talking to the locals, they really depend on the tourist industry and the cruise ships visiting, almost daily during the summer season – but they are still down and concerned about the state of the Greek economy and talk about the economic crisis.  Both in Santorini and Myknonos – you get the sense of hopelessness and despair about the economy from some of the locals, even in these idyllic tourist locations, you would think would be immune – not sure what Athens will hold in store for us tomorrow.


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One response to “Day 6 – Mykonos”

  1. Jen Harvey says :

    Vaughn – did you swallow the guides notes or something…. very detailed.

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