Day 9 – Corfu Greece

Heading north again from Katakolon, next stop is the island of Corfu on the far northern coast of Greece and Albania. Corfu is the last stop in Greece and very different to all the other Greek Islands we have stopped at.  The architecture is completely different in the old city, with 5 or 6 story buildings crammed in together and narrow cobble-stoned roads and narrow alleyways.   More like the Italian architecture we saw in some of the older parts of Sorrento.  The centre of the old city is completely car-free between the two old forts and there is even an old cricket ground on the one side of the local square a reminder of past British occupation.

We did a morning bus tour of the Island organised by Princess cruises that also took in an old monastery at Paleokastritsa.  The scenery around Corfu is beautiful with high mountains, narrow winding roads and beautiful clear blue-green seas.  After the bus tour we were dropped off at the town-square and left to wander the old city on our own.  Corfu is a really pretty old town and very different and interesting.  Full of old churches and old buildings that have been restored and retained in the city.

We had lunch and a couple of beers at one of the local restaurants and then decided to walk back to the ship.  It looked pretty close from the city – just the other side of the bay and we had heard about 30 minutes walk which sounded a lot.  However the walk was all of 30-40 minutes and the weather by this time was hot and humid (around 30 degrees) – so by the time we arrived we were pretty hot and sweaty.

So when we were back on board it was up to the pool on the rear deck for a dip and to laze away the remainder of the day in the sun while the Ruby Princess sailed out of the port of Corfu for our day at sea on the way up the Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik Croatia


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2 responses to “Day 9 – Corfu Greece”

  1. Jason A. says :

    Hi again. Thanks so much for sharing your trip. We are going on a similar one soon with Princess. How much time did the Princess Corfu tour give you to reall y appreciate the beautiful Paleokastritsa beach views? It seems there aren’t many that are listed as giving more than a 10 minute photo stop. We would love to spend more time there, and might just rent a car on our own (as many on CruiseCritic suggest). Any additional thoughts? Thanks!

    • JVClair says :

      Hi Again
      The Princess Corfu tour had one stop of about 30 minutes down on the Paleokastritsa beach after visiting the Monastery. If you are after the views I would suggest book a taxi tour on the day then you could get to do exactly what you want. We didn’t do that on the trip, but we heard from people who did and got really good results.

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