Day 10&11 At Sea and Dubrovnik

Day 10 was a restful day at sea (we needed it by then).  We spent some of the day by the rear deck terrace pool, but mostly we spent it on our cabin balcony looking out over the wake of the ship – very restful.  We also managed to get some laundry done (American Quarters in the washing machines didn’t make it any easier – but we eventually sorted that out).  Day 10 was also our second formal night in the dining rooms for dinner – so we got dressed up again (rented tux and all) – and this time got some formal photo’s done –which turned out very nicely – had to buy 2.

Day 11 dawned with us coming into Dubrovnik harbour early in the morning.  Very pretty sight, with a huge suspension bridge right next to the harbour.  We had no organised tours booked this time and we caught the shuttle bus into the old walled city and walked around the narrow lanes and old buildings and churches inside the walled city.  The highlight was walking around the top of the wall all around the old city – great sights over the old city and the sea.  It is almost 2KM to walk around and quite a few steps to climb but was well worth it.

We had an early departure at 4:30 as we had an earlier arrival in Venice booked, so we were back on the ship by 3PM and watched the sail away from Dubrovnik from the rear deck pool area again.  Got to bed early, as we were both tired from the walking during the day.  We were a little sad that the end of the cruise was in sight, but looking forward to our adventures around Italy and France.



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2 responses to “Day 10&11 At Sea and Dubrovnik”

  1. Jen Harvey says :

    Hell it looks just like Karratha WA…..!!! Not???????????? I can understand why you are sad at it coming to an end. You had better take us next time?

  2. margaret says :

    Well, sounds like its going to get btter and b etter

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