Reflections on the cruising and Greece

Now that we are sitting in beautiful Positano (more on the trip here later) we can reflect back on the cruise and Greece.

The 12 days of the cruise was really great, just long enough with a great itinerary and plenty to do and see. The 2 days we had at sea on board the ship were also great as they allowed us to relax and recover and also take everything that we had seen in and digest it all. It was still a pretty busy schedule, but it was great having the ship as a base where we had our cabin and could unpack everything and leave it all in a wardrobe. (Last few days has been living out of a suitcase with our travels). The food and service on board the Ruby Princess was also great – couldn’t fault it. Our cabin steward (Adrian) was friendly and polite and our cabin was always cleaned twice a day and spotless. Great experience all round. It was really hard to believe that there were 3,000 passengers on board the ship – it was never rushed or over crowded, there were always tables and places to chill out. Mind you there were 1,200 staff looking after us all.

Greece was really beautiful especially the Greek Islands (all of them were different). Santorini and Mykonos were fantastic and Corfu was a real contrast. Athens was big and crowded, but we still got to see the Acropolis and Parthenon – one of the highlights. Mykonos was a real highlight, beautiful place, beautiful colours and crystal clear water.

It was still pretty sad that everywhere we went in Greece they talked about the economy and the fact that there was little hope and little light at the end of the tunnel for the Greeks. When we were in Olympia the Greek Government even ended up shutting down the Government run TV and Radio stations to try and save money, that was not popular. There seemed to be many other options for saving money than cutting that service completely. Anyway there still seemed to be plenty of tourists around especially on the Islands and the economy really relies on the tourist continuing to come along – I hope they do. All the Greek people we met in our travels were just lovely.


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