Lyon – France

No pictures from Lyon – pretty dull day.  Well we are now on our final train leg of our journey from Lyon to Paris on the speedy TGV “bullet train” feels like it is going as fast as a bullet too.  The whole journey takes just under two hours so we will be in Paris before we know it.  Train travel in Europe has been so easy and the high-speed trains have been really great.

We arrived in Lyon yesterday afternoon from Nice after travelling for about four hours by train.  By the time we found the apartment it was already about 5PM so we headed out to explore a considerably cooler Lyon.  We didn’t do a repeat of Nice – so not too much walking – just into the central city and back to have something to eat.  The rain clouds looked a little threatening so after a very ordinary dinner (something that was supposed to be rump steak – not sure what it was – horrible) we headed back to the apartment stopping off to buy some milk and OJ for the morning from a local grocery store.

The Airbnb booked apartment in Nice was up on the 4th floor again with a lift thank goodness.  The apartment was quite a nice even though the building was over 100 years old.  It had everything we needed including a kitchen and Nespresso coffee machine, which was good.

This morning we had a good breakfast of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and baguette rolls before heading off to the station to catch the train.  It was still a lot cooler in Lyon and raining / drizzling on and off.  Still we cant complain the weather for the whole trip has been pretty awesome – not really expecting too much in the way of good weather in Paris, but Sunday (update) is a lovely day, blue skies and sunny 23 degrees! Lovely.


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One response to “Lyon – France”

  1. Michelle Clair says :

    Sounds like you have had a great holiday! I am enjoying the pictures ,specially the ones from Rome and the little places like Positano. glad you got to see the Pieta, it is on my bucket list….

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