Nice France

We only really had an overnight stop in Nice to catch the TGV fast train to Lyon, which is where we are up to now.  It was a real pity because the weather in Nice was fantastic (again) and Nice turned out to be a really pretty little city worth more of a look.  The beach is beautiful and the city also boasts an old city (pedestrian only), which is full of fantastic looking and crowded restaurants.

We had a slight hitch with our Airbnb host not being available on the phone initially but we got into the apartment and then he rang and sorted it all out.  It was a little apartment up on the 6 Floor luckily with a lift to Floor 5.  Only a small loft bedroom with a bathroom – but it had everything we needed even WiFi.

As we only had the one night and it was still light at about 8:00PM, we walked down to the beach and headed for one of the recommended restaurants near the port area.  The walked proved to be a bit of a hike, as we included a bit of a wander around the old city, so it was getting late when we eventually ate at about 9:45PM.  Pauline not happy, hungry and tired!

Anyway we had the best Cheeseburgers & Chips we have ever had at this place so it was (almost) worth the walk!  Not really your typical French food, but cooked beautifully with a great sauce!  We ended up walking back as well, so we got be bed a little late.  Really needed to spend more time in Nice.

After a good (French) breakfast of croissant and coffee and a walk down to the beach we headed back to the station to catch the TGV to Lyon.  Getting closer to Paris and the end of the holiday and back to reality.



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