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Paris Final Day – back home

Writing this in Hong Kong during our layover while sitting in an airport cafe waiting for our final flight back to Brisbane (another 10+hrs on a plane).

Our final day in Paris had a bit of a slow start with us having a leisurely Parisian breakfast and packing up as we needed to leave the apartment around 5PM to head out to Charles De Gaul Airport to start the long trek back home.

In the morning we planned to head out to the Rodin museum as it was closed on Monday when we were in the area visiting Napoleons tomb.  We got there pretty directly on the great Paris Metro with just one change of line and after waiting in line for about half an hour we got into the museum.  There is a lot of restoration of the building going on (the old hotel Biron where Rodin worked in his final years).  There is a temporary exhibition of his marble works including the famous “The Kiss” just near the entrance, then most of the bigger bronze works are out in the gardens.  The first piece that you come to is “The Thinker” brooding in the gardens.  We spent a couple of hours wandering around the gardens and museum before heading back to have some lunch and finish packing.

We were really sorry to leave the great little apartment in Bastille, not only because our holiday was coming to an end, but also it was easily the best Airbnb apartment we stayed in the entire trip and Michel the host was great, even coming along to say goodbye and see us off.  We got a really good feel for Paris life in the apartment, using the Metro to get around and eating in the local (great) restaurants.   Really enjoyed it, could very easily get used to that life and spend a lot more time in Paris.  One thing for certain, is we will be back.  We both loved Paris, and there is just so much more to do and see that we didn’t get to.  We just got a taste – and want more now!

We took the Metro and the RER regional train out to the airport which was very crowded with rush hour commuters for the first couple of stops, but after that was fine to the airport.  My suitcase with the broken wheel also (just) survived the trip after succumbing to the cobbled streets of Venice and Florence.

Now we are looking forward to getting back home (& Brad picking us up at the Brisbane Airport) after a great holiday.  Just looking back on the blog now, I can see we really got to see and a do a lot – we had a great time, a wonderful holiday!  Well worth the wait.



Busy couple of days in Paris.  The weather has been great, and we have managed to take in all the major sights in the city.   The apartment is fantastic, the best Airbnb apartment yet.  Michel the host even took the time to show us around the area to get the feel for the place.  Great.

Today we spent about three hours in the Louvre – it is huge, we could definitely spend days there and still not cover it all.  We headed for the Mona Lisa first, like everyone else!  Huge crowds there.  Also got to see the Venus De Milo and the Ancient Egyptian antiquities which was really impressive. We also went to Hospital Invalides and Napoleons Tomb then took the Metro back home.

Yesterday we managed to go up the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in the same day to get great Paris views.  We also went to the Museum D’Orsay with all the great impressionist painters.  Busy days.